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Does it sounds familiar?

  • My clients' skin is so oily and sensitive for Microblading
  • My clients with  combination skin complain that their hair strokes heal more powdery and color spread out and blur quicker than expected
  • The look of truly “healed” brows is very different than immediately after getting them done. And all of my clients are always confused and frustrated with tons of questions during their healing period
  • It takes too long to fully heal up. Many people are busy and expected to show up in the office daily or attend board meetings and have appointments frequently. I feel so disappointed that my Microblading service might be inconvenient for them
  • There are many Microblading side effects. So, allergic skin reactions are a strong possibility, which makes me lose my potential clients
  • The aftercare is very complicated as it is really important not to avoid sun exposure and tanning. Avoiding sweating, saunas, swimming in the ocean and pools, and long showers are also necessary. But many of my clients have a lot of outdoor activities due to their jobs. So, they found it difficult to do Microblading
  • Above all, if my clients doing it is not adequately skilled, it can lead to permanent scarring and can cause adverse effects as the procedure involves cutting into their skin with needles. I'm too worried for my clients 

And yet, you're still struggling to get MORE of those happy clients

What is MicroStrokes - Nano Brows?

MicroStrokes is a nano technique that uses one ultra-fine single needle and is applied with a cosmetic tattoo machine. This tiny needle deposits pigment beneath the skin’s surface to create the effect of natural, interlacing hair strokes.

How does it work?

  • A very fast mono-directional movement is used to deposit as little pigment as possible.
  • Use a single tipped needle
  • A shadow-like type of effect will be created, as the shading will align with from time to time with the ascending and descending hairs.
  • The perimeter and base of the eyebrow should not be affected with shading.
  • Previously drawn hairs are traced at specific angles based on the location of the hair.
  • The goal here is to use a sweeping motion to retrace previously drawn hairs to help lengthen them by 0.5mm in an outwards direction.

What benefits your clients can get?

  • More natural, very thin, precise, crisp and hyper-realistic hair strokes
  • Eyebrows are healthier over the years, ultimately extending the period between touch-ups, also the retention rate lasts 50% longer 
  • The healing time is really fast and smoother (within 7-10 days), suitable for those clients who have a lot of outdoor activities 
  • Less traumatic to the skin, and safe for all skin types, especially very gentle for oily and sensitive skin
  • The colors are so true. Not be changed much with their skin stones

What advantages you can get as an artist?

  • Ability to fill in the hair strokes with pigments very easily and precisely without the fear of losing the microblading look
  • A shorter working time (around 1 hour)

  • The machine is actually implanting the pigment for you and it is doing all the work

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Don't worry!!!

All the things you need to do to solve all these above problems is learning and then offering MicroStrokes


With MicroStroke - Nano Brows

  • No more powdery, no more blurry. Instead, you can offer more natural, very thin, precise, crisp, and hyper-realistic hair strokes for your clients
  • There is no pain, inflammation, bleeding, or discomfort. Nano-needling is very safe, non-invasive, and only affects the epidermis, making it both painless and very effective. There is no risk of post-traumatic hyperpigmentation, nor is there any recovery time. Your clients will feel a vibration and sensation much like a cat licking them with its rough tongue and emerge with a rejuvenated, hydrated, glowing skin! Now, you can be 100% confident when someone asks you "Is it painful?"
  • MicroStrokes is safe for all skin types and tones, especially very gentle for oily and sensitive skin. It's so great that you can get as many clients as possible, no matter what skin type they have
  • Just only roughly a 3-day healing period, not a month like Microblading. With Nano needling, your clients can immediately resume their normal activities (and don’t forget the sunscreen!) with no recovery time whatsoever. They are busy with outdoor activities or have frequent meetings? Never be a problem anymore!
  • Eyebrows are healthier over the years, ultimately extending the period between touch-ups, also the retention rate lasts 50% longer than Microblading
  • The colors are so true. Not be changed much with their skin stones

And now, you will be outstanding with so many happier clients!

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Permanent Makeup Artist is a High-income career?

The numbers can not lie

With so many people who want to have eyebrows on fleek, Permanent Makeup has definitely become a lucrative business. However, not all beauty professionals know about it. 

A lot of clients would be willing to spend on a premium cost to have fuller, even, natural and symmetric eyebrows without spending much time and effort every day. 

Looking at the figures, Permanent Makeup artists can earn around $76,800 to $115,200 a year if they just have 4 - 6 clients per week. That's not bad!

So, are you ready to create your Permanent Makeup business into a money-making machine?


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Why you choose us?

10 Years of Experience
She believes that less is more, subtlety is the main feature of her work she ensures that her clients consistently receive exceptional Permanent cosmetic results and feel at ease from start to finish.
Craft Master
Taiyaba is a talented and skilled micropigmentation artist and PhiAcademy’s Master Trainer, who has mastered the exquisite art of permanent Cosmetic.
She specializes in Phibrows Eyebrow Microblading Embroidery manual Technique. She has perfected the art of creating natural realistic hair strokes and symmetry using the Golden Ratio Shaping Technique

Frequently Asked Questions

Beautiful Nano Brows

About Taiyaba Saleem

Taiyaba is Phibrows Craft Master who had the first Canadian Master in PhiAcademy, the Founder and Owner of Soft Touch Studio and a very experienced Trainer in Microblading and Permanent Makeup.

She graduated from Micropigmentation Centre, Inc, after completing their comprehensive training in Theory and Application of Permanent Make-up & Corrective Cosmetics, Designer Eyeliner & Eyelash Enhancement, Advanced Eyebrow Re-Shaping & Advanced Lip Liner/Shading with specialization in Sloped Needle feathering Technique. She selects and utilizes the most sophisticated equipment available the Nouveau Contour System® of sterile needle cartridges and fully computerized digital machines. Taiyaba is also certified and trained in the advanced manual Microstroking technique by Daria Chuprys and Phibrows Microblading technique by Master Branko Babic.

Her training is always to the highest standards with full of lifetime guidance and support to ensure that her students consistently receive exceptional knowledge and skills. If you have any questions, she is willing to explain in detail, maybe for hours until you fully understand.

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